Disclaimer:  I am not defending rapists. Rape in my opinion is the worst kind of physical and emotional torture you can put a person through. I stand firmly in the fight against any form of non consensual sexual intercourse.

Last night as I was scrolling through various posts on Reddit, I saw a post where a ‘username’ posted and I quote,”Women are being cut too much slack which is harming the best interests of men.” Not something I would agree with but to each man his own.

The very next thing I see are comments full of hatred calling this ‘username’ a male chauvinist pig, a misogynist and a sexist. Pretty standard stuff. But I started to see another phrase that was trending, users on this forum started calling him an Indian. Not only that, they moved on to state that this man was obviously an Indian because only in this country are women treated like useless objects due to our high rates of illiteracy. These very usernames called Indian society an illiterate, patriarchal and self righteous one. And the few people that tried to counter this point were bombarded with a plethora of articles, statistics and flawed logic. They did not even leave this man’s mother alone saying that only a housewife could have raised a son with such a backward and misogynist view.

My country has been publicised as a chauvinist, traditional, backward, third world, underdeveloped, illiterate country. A country which harasses and limits its people. A country which does not deserve to hold a place on the map. A disgrace to the so called ‘first world’ countries.

I am not defending all the crimes in my country. I have seen women being disgraced and objectified. I have read the horror stories about rape which have now been designated a permanent column in newspapers. I have seen the  men that give Western Media the opportunity to paint this image of us on a global platform.

I am a male and not a rapist.

And yet, I am an Indian. I belong to the same country as these vilifying, inhumane people monsters. I breathe the same air, drink the same water, eat the same food and pray to the same god. And to the world I am one of them. I am one of those rapists that will rape their daughters. I am one of those rapists that will rape their sisters. I am one of those rapists that deserves to be hung. Simply because I will always remain a brown skinned boy from South East Asia. Or as Western media puts it ever so delicately, ‘those murdering, raping terrorists’.

What bothers me most of all is the impact Western media is making on how countries are viewed around the world. A few of my favourites are, All Brazilian men are gay or macho, there is no middle ground’,’All Mexicans are drug trafficking, child smuggling prostitutes’ and the best of all ‘All Arabs are billionaires, bombers or belly dancers’.

My mother was an academic prodigy and my grandmother a strong willed woman. I have not seen sexual discrimination in my family. But I am not a representation of my country, now am I ? I am the exception to the rule. I am only a representative of my country when I have raped or murdered someone. This is the sad truth. You accept me as the rule when I am saying my country is wrong but as the exception when I say it is right.

I don’t ask for much. I know what I lack and where I lack it. I’m all for the woman rights and gender equality. I support the school of though that the strictest measures must be taken against against rapists. I want my country to be a leading power in this world as much as you do. What I don’t want is to be shunned from other countries and homes on the basis of my skin colour and my motherland. Because frankly, if you choose to be that shallow you should be scared of the white skins more than us brown skins. There are several countries including the United States and the United Kingdom which according to statistics, rape more than us.

I fully understand that not every man in the country is of thought as liberal as another. But all I ask of you is to decide for yourself who is to be trusted and who is not instead of relying on popular opinion to stereotype every brown skinned man.